Monica & Adrian’s new deck

By pwsadmin | September 24, 2018

Here is a before and after of Monica & Adrian’s deck. They resurfaced their deck & asked me to come up with a new idea for their railing to keep their guests from falling off & messing up the driveway! They wanted a bit of a Japanese touch; the circle has an acrylic backing, the […]

Tea Time

By pwsadmin | September 7, 2018

Jack’s wife asked me to make a special table as a surprise for him, to hold his hibachi for heating his tea. Look for the finished product under the Potpourri & Furniture/other section soon. I actually ended up making two of them, so Lydia could choose, it was an impossible choice! So her son has […]

Photo Box Project

By pwsadmin | August 19, 2018

Here’s a pic of some boxes in progress ordered by local wedding photographer Michele Mateus. She presents these boxes to clients (mostly black walnut) containing their wedding photos & a flashdrive of the special day! Check the finished product under our Potpourri section soon. 

Foreman Condo 2

By pwsadmin | July 20, 2018

Shojis are all in, handles where required, magnets on swing doors to keep them closed. Customers are happy, friends and other building residents are impressed & wish they had thought of this for their place! Watch for the finished photos in the shoji gallery section soon.  

Wang Residence 2

By pwsadmin | July 3, 2018

This maple live edge slab transports you into the tatami room! Materials for this traditional tatami room; yellow cedar shojis with cloud dragon acrylic, yellow cedar ceiling fixture & sconces, yellow cedar trimmed cabinet with maple live edge top, figured maple ranma. See shoji gallery for finished photos!   

Foreman Condo 1

By pwsadmin | June 15, 2018

Hope the kids don’t want to play pool or foozeball this weekend! With a big job like this, when you run out of room in your shop, the rec room is a great storage option! Next step is to add the acrylic. This project is Shojis for a brand new 2 bedroom condo, every room, […]

Wang Residence 1

By pwsadmin | March 8, 2018

              This is a room divider I just finished, a very nice big home in suburban Vancouver, between their kitchen & family. The doors are made of black walnut. The homeowners just moved back into their home after being away for 8 or 9 months. Their whole house was […]


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